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VET Aktizym

  • To compensate for an insufficient digestive function
  • For sensitive cats
  • Promoting intestinal flora
  • Without animal components
Product description

Hypoallergenic digestive supplement

Complementary feed for dogs and cats

VET AKTIZYM was specially devised as a dietary support where nutrients contained in the food
cannot be broken down and utilised sufficiently. This is the case, for example, if the animal is
no longer able to synthesise sufficient digestive enzymes in the pancreas. In older animals, too, the ability to optimally utilise nutrients decreases over time due to declining performance of the internal organs. There are no longer enough of the body’s own enzymes available to guarantee optimum utilisation and digestion of the nutrients, and thus a balanced supply and ideal stool consistency. This deficit in the body’s own digestive enzymes can be compensated by regularly adding enzymes to each meal.

With AKTIZYM there is now a purely plant-based complementary feed to optimise digestive function and improve the break-down of protein, fat and carbohydrates absorbed with the food.
This is ideal if a simultaneous feed allergy cannot be ruled out.

Feeding recommendation
Body weight (kg) Recommended starting dose of AKTIZYM per meal in grams Recommended starting dose of AKTIZYM per meal in measuring spoons
up to 5 2 0,5
up to 10 3-4 0,5-1
up to 20 5-6 1-1,5
up to 30 6-8 1,5-2
up to 40 8-10 2-2,5
40 and above 10-12 2,5-3

 Important notes on use:
Ideally divide the daily food ration into three meals of equal size. The actual food should be as highlydigestible as possible and quite low in fat. The amount of AKTIZYM appropriate for your pet should be added to each meal. Cats and small dog breeds have a comparatively high food requirement compared to large breeds, and so need around 0.4 g AKTIZYM per kg of body weight per meal. Very large breeds need around 0.2 g AKTIZYM per kg of body weight per meal.
AKTIZYM can very easily be mixed into food with a high water content (wet food). If feeding dry food, AKTIZYM can be mixed with a little water at room temperature and added to the food. Alternatively, combine it with a small amount of wet food or low fat cream cheese and mix into the dry food.
The AKTIZYM dose required for optimum effect must be matched to the individual animal. This means that, in some cases, it may be more or less than the recommended amount. The dose is primarily dependent on the extent to which the animal is still able to synthesise its own digestive enzymes, and on the amount of food needed and the food quality. If you change the food, it will generally be necessary to adjust the AKTIZYM dose, so any change of food needs to be discussed with your vet.
If you change from powder-based enzyme preparations to AKTIZYM powder, we recommend that you do this gradually in 10 % increments (and over the course of at least 3 to 5 days). If you are migrating from highdose enzyme preparations (capsules) to AKTIZYM, we recommend that both preparations be used in the recommended amount for 3-4 days. The capsules should then be phased out gradually over 3-4 days.


Powdered cellulose, maltodextrin, product from Rhizopus oryzae protein-rich 7 %, product from Aspergillus oryzae protein-rich 4.5 %, products from the processing of fresh fruit and vegetables (kiwifruit concentrate – Actinidia deliciosa-) 1.25 %

Analytical components

Crude protein 15.3 %, crude fat 0.1 %, crude fibre 21.0 %, crude ash 0.5 %


Vitamin B12 (3a835) 12,500 mg, taurine (3a370) 200,000 mg, folic acid (3a316) 50 mg

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