Premium Cat Food Made in Germany

All in One Concept

The special formula of active ingredients that will ensure your cat eats the very best.

A food that covers all of your feline friend’s important needs.

A healthy diet is the foundation for thoroughly healthy feline happiness. So our vets and nutrition experts have developed sophisticated recipes for our high-quality cat food. The basis of our nutrition concept is the Natural Life Concept®, which stands for a natural and species-appropriate diet for your cat. Meat and fish are the most important ingredients and represent the main component of our high-quality cat food recipes (up to 90 % depending on the variety). Building on this, our nutrition experts have developed a special formula of active ingredients that covers your cat’s five most important needs – totally naturally. Nutritionally proven the All in One concept ensures a well-regulated digestion, boosts the immune system, supports the urinary tract, promotes heart health and is good for skin and coat.

As the name suggests, our All in One cat food contains everything your cat needs in a single food, eliminating the need for complementary feeds.

Happy Cat Futter und Futternapf auf der linken Seite und rechts daneben ist eine Katze zu sehen mit den All in One Symbolen
Happy Cat Culinary Voralpenrind Trocken- und Nassfutter zusammen mit einer schleckenden Katze und einem Futternapf

With All in One you are feeding the very best.

Our healthy cat food with its special formula of active ingredients supports your cat’s five most important health aspects:

Symbol für ein glänzendes Fell bei der Katze

Good for skin and coat

Natural omega 3 and 6 fatty acids ensure a healthy skin and glossy coat

Symbol für Herzgesundheit bei der Katze

Supports heart health

Vital taurine promotes your feline friend’s heart health

Symbol für eine gesunde Verdauung bei der Katze

Regulates the digestion

High-quality prebiotics and dietary fibre to promote digestion contribute to a well-regulated digestion

Symbol, das den Harntrakt der Katze darstellt

Supports the urinary tract

Balanced mineral contents support your house cat’s urinary tract

Symbol für ein starkes Immunsystem bei der Katze

Boosts the immune system

Zinc and the natural antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin C boost the immune defences

Natural vital ingredients for your feline friend

Of course, the main ingredient in our high-quality cat food is meat or fish. The meat ratio in Happy Cat food is between 70 % and 90 %, depending on the variety. Our varied recipes are supplemented and seasoned with vital plant ingredients which have a positive effect on your feline friend’s wellbeing and health. Here we have listed the positive characteristics derived from the plant-based ingredients and herbs that we use in our healthy cat food:

Eine geschlossene und eine geöffnete Schote mit grünen Erbsen


Peas are a natural source of plant protein and are rich in B vitamins and minerals. These are also important for many metabolic processes within the body.

Eine ganze und eine aufgeschnittene Rote Beete


Beetroot is a natural source of vitamins and trace elements such as B vitamins and iron.

Ein Zweig mit Birkenblätter als Zutat für Katzenfutter

Birch leaves

Birch leaves are rich in polyphenols and contain vitamin C. This combination of antioxidants is good for the immune system and skin.

Eine Zutat für Katzenfutter: Rosmarin


Rosemary is rich in polyphenols. These are good for the circulation, skin and heart.

Drei frische Karotten mit abgeschnittenem Grün


Carrots are rich in important minerals and trace elements. These are important for many metabolic processes in your feline friend’s body.

Ca. eine Handvoll frischer Heidelbeeren lose mit etwas Grün dabei


Blueberries are rich in pectins, making them good for your cat’s digestion.

Ein paar Kamilleblüten mit Stiel


Camomile is rich in essential oils which can have a positive effect on the digestion.

Einige Stücke Süßholzwurzel

Liquorice root

Liquorice root is a natural source of nutrients and is good for the stomach and gut.

Ein Zweig mit Korianderblättern


Coriander is rich in essential oils which are said to promote digestion and stimulate the appetite.


Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is rich in minerals and in vitamins A and C. It can have a positive effect on the digestion.

Drei Löwenzahnblätter mit einer gelben Blüte


Dandelion is a natural source of bitter compounds which can have a positive effect on the digestion.

Mariendistel mit einer geöffneten, einer halbgeöffneten und einer geschlossenen Blüte

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is rich in bitter compounds and essential oils, and is good for the liver.

Einige Blätter frischer Salbei


Sage is rich in essential oils and good for the respiratory tract.

Edelstahlnapf gefüllt mit Katzen-Trockenfutter und rohem Fisch und Fleisch drum herum sowie Erbsen, Heidelbeeren und Kräutern
Futternapf mit Zutaten dahinter: Fisch, Fleisch, Heidelbeeren, Erbsen und Kräuter

It is so easy to feed thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Open. Pour. Mmmmm.

Of course, your feline friend’s wellbeing is very close to your heart, and you want to spend lots more happy moments together. If you choose Happy Cat as the diet for your cat, then you will have a high-quality cat food that will supply your feline friend with all the nutrients and vital ingredients that she needs for a long and healthy life.