Premium Cat Food Made in Germany

Thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Get to know the Happy Cat cat food brand and learn why you will be feeding your friend the very best.

Because only healthy cats are happy cats.

For 20 years we have been developing cat food recipes that are healthy and yet still pamper your cat. We only use natural ingredients to prepare our premium Happy Cat cat food. In addition to the right amount of meat, the Happy Cat wet and dry food varieties contain everything your cat needs for a healthy and happy life.

The Natural Life Concept® - from nature holistically

We take nature as our role model and manufacture from natural ingredients tasty cat food varieties that cover your cat’s nutritional and physiological needs.

Meat and fish from animals kept under high welfare conditions supply high-grade animal proteins which are the largest and main component our cat food (up to 88 % depending on the variety).

Our recipes are rounded off perfectly with beneficial herbs, valuable oils and well tolerated carbohydrates.

We refuse to use artificial colours, flavours and preservatives on principle.

This results in our natural cat food which supplies your feline friend holistically with all the vital substances they need.

So easy to feed thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Open. Pour. Mmmmm.

Of course you want your pet to feel thoroughly healthy and know that you will be able to spend time together playing and cuddling long into the future. With Happy Cat you are choosing a premium cat food that feeds your cat the very best and tastes delicious!

With the innovative All-in-One concept, our nutrition experts have developed a special formula of active ingredients that covers your feline friend’s five most important health needs. It ensures a well-regulated digestion, boosts the immune system, supports the urinary tract, promotes heart health and is good for skin & coat.

Bengalkatze nähert sich langsam einem Teller mit Happy Cat Meat in Sauce Nassfutter darauf
Zwei Nassfutterbeutel Meat in Sauce mit einer Katze und einem Teller, auf dem Nassfutter angerichtet wurde