Premium Cat Food Made in Germany

The Natural Life nutrition concept

Natural ingredients for thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Because only healthy cats are happy cats.

We only use all-natural ingredients to prepare our premium Happy Cat cat food. In addition to the right amount of meat, the Happy Cat cat food contains everything your cat needs for a healthy and happy life.

The Natural Life Concept® - from nature holistically

Our unique nutrition concept takes nature as its role model. All Happy Cat recipes are developed with natural ingredients, resulting in a nutritionally balanced combination of vital nutrients – all scientifically proven. As our main ingredient we use exclusively high-grade animal protein from animals from high-welfare farms. Our gourmet recipes are supplemented with delicate herbs, valuable oils, well tolerated carbohydrates and dietary fibre to promote digestion. We do not use artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to manufacture our high-quality dry food. With the Happy Cat Natural Life Concept® your feline friend is supplied with all the vital nutrients she needs – naturally and holistically.

High meat ratio in the cat food

A high proportion of animal protein in the food is vital for your feline friend. Our high-quality cat food contains up to 88 % animal protein, depending on the variety. Of course, the meat and fish is sourced from high welfare livestock farming. These contain the essential – in other words vital – amino acids. Especially taurine, which can be found in a cat’s brain, muscles, liver, heart muscles and retinas. Cats are unable to store taurine, however, so they have to consume it every day in their food. Our cat food with the high meat ratio is seasoned with vegetables, berries and herbs. This results in the perfect recipes for our Happy Cat cat food varieties which will keep your feline friend healthy & active.

For thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Our vets and nutrition experts have developed for you and your feline friend perfect recipes that are adapted to your cat’s age and needs. They contain all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, providing your cat with everything that she needs. For healthy & happy cats who feel thoroughly well!