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Every cat is different. From kitten to senior, you need a food adapted to their needs. But why is an adapted cat food important? Cats are unique animals in terms of their eating habits, metabolism and behaviour. For this reason a balanced and near-natural diet is especially valuable for them. The most important building block for a long and healthy life is the right food. With our Happy Cat product lines we cover every need perfectly, from tiny kitten through to senior cat, from indoor lazybones to free-ranging tiger – because a good cat diet needs to be more than just filling.

Happy Cat Young range

The Happy Cat Young range offers the perfect foundation for steady growth and a long, healthy life full of vitality. The food gives your cat a perfect start in life. Selected ingredients and balanced recipes create a taste sensation for fussy little gourmets. High-grade animal proteins are perfectly matched to cats’ protein requirements. The special kibble structure and cellulose fibres promote dental care and tooth health.

Happy Cat Adult Culinary

The Happy Cat Culinary range is ideal for real little gourmets and meat lovers. It offers a varied and gastronomic selection. The tasty composition with high-grade animal proteins help to maintain a healthy life full of vitality right into old age.

  • For a healthy life full of vitality
  • Delicious variety for all little foodies with 100 % gourmet flavour
  • Prepared with exclusive and high-grade animal proteins

Happy Cat Adult Farm Poultry:

The nutrient-rich recipe with tender free-range poultry, blueberries and dandelion provides the perfect basis for a healthy life. The green-lipped New Zealand mussels help to maintain healthy joints. The extra-large kibble also encourages intensive chewing, and so promotes dental care.

Happy Cat Adult Farm Duck:

The choice composition of tender farm duck and delicate carrots provides a balanced diet for your cat. The grain-free recipe is both easy to digest and contains a high proportion of animal protein.

Happy Cat Adult Spring-water Trout:

This unique composition with its highly digestible trout, juicy beetroot and wholesome rosemary is a real taste sensation. Valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote a glossy coat, while the green-lipped New Zealand mussels provide joint support.

Happy Cat Sterilised Bavarian Beef:

This recipe was specially developed to meet the dietary needs of neutered cats. The filling and tasty kibble contains just 10.5 % fat and with hearty Bavarian beef, rosemary and milk thistle it is a true culinary delight. The structure of the large kibble also supports dental care.

Happy Cat Sterilised Pasture-raised Lamb:

This combination of easy to digest meadow lamb and delicate rosemary and milk thistle was designed specifically for neutered cats. It provides a balanced diet that is tasty and satisfying with just 10.5% fat.

Happy Cat Sterilised Atlantic Salmon:

Give your little darling a treat with this balanced composition of wholesome Atlantic salmon, valuable rosemary and milk thistle. This satisfying recipe was specially developed for neutered cats and contains just 10.5 % fat.

Happy Cat Indoor Bavarian Beef:

This composition of Bavarian beef, coriander and milk thistle was specially developed for the nutritional needs of cats who live indoors. Natural roughage helps to minimise hairballs, while yucca schidigera can reduce pet waste odour. The adapted fat content helps to control the weight.

Happy Cat Indoor Atlantic Salmon:

Cats who live indoors have different dietary requirements. This dry food with Atlantic salmon, coriander and milk thistle was specially matched to the needs of indoor cats. Natural roughage helps to minimise hairballs, while yucca schidigera can reduce pet waste odour. The adapted fat content will help to maintain the ideal weight.

Happy Cat Senior Pasture-raised Lamb:

Keep your senior cat fit and healthy with this composition of easily digested meadow lamb, vitamin-rich carrots and delicate coriander. Metabolism changes as age advances. The adapted protein, sodium and phosphorus content lessens the strain on the metabolism, while green-lipped New Zealand mussels support the joints.

Happy Cat Senior Atlantic Salmon:

Full of vitality into a ripe old age with highly digestible Atlantic salmon, juicy beetroot and delicate coriander. This dry food was specially developed for older cats from 8 years old. The protein, sodium and phosphorus content has been adapted to relieve the stress on your senior cat’s metabolism.

Happy Cat Kidney Diet:

This dry food with its adapted protein and mineral content was specially developed to support the kidneys. The recipe contains poultry and valuable herbs, and is well accepted by choosy cats.

Happy Cat Skin & Coat:

This balanced meal with well tolerated chicken, linseed and sunflower and canola oils helps your feline friend with her grooming. The nutrients biotin and zinc, plus omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support the skin and promote a glossy coat.

Happy Cat Stomach & Intestine:

This highly digestible composition of duck and rice with the wholesome herbs camomile and liquorice root supports your cat’s digestive tract. The gluten-free recipe is also ideal for optimally balancing the digestive system.

Happy Cat Sensitive Light:

Happy Cat Sensitive Light dry food with valuable rosemary and milk thistle was developed for cats who tend to be overweight and to help cats maintain their physical condition. The satisfying high-fibre recipe contains just 9% fat.

Happy Cat Minkas

The Happy Cat Minkas range is a naturally healthy food for all life stages and meets all of a cat’s normal needs. Up to 80% of the ingredients are sourced in Germany With junior, hairball control and sterilised products, the Minkas range offers everything your cat needs. Happy Cat Minkas is available in a number of varieties: Perfect Mix, Perfect Care, Urinary Care and many more.