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Happy Cat Minkas

4 Happy Cat Minkas Trockenfutterpackungen und drei Nassfutterschälchen

The Happy Cat Minkas range is a naturally healthy diet for every stage of life and fulfils the everyday needs of cats. In addition, up to 80 % of the ingredients used in the production of Happy Cat Minkas dry food are locally sourced. The Minkas Duo wet food bowls consist of two delicious layers: Morsels on the bottom, paté on top and supplemented with valuable herbs.

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Happy Cat
Minkas Duo Beef & Rabbit Pâté
Delicate, grain-free pâté with tasty beef and rabbit
Happy Cat
Minkas Duo Beef & Salmon Pâté
Grain-free pâté with hearty beef and succulent salmon
Happy Cat
Minkas Duo Poultry & Beef Pâté
Grain-free wet food with delicious poultry and hearty beef
Happy Cat
Minkas Duo Poultry & Lamb Pâté
Grain-free combination of poultry & highly digestible lamb
Happy Cat
Minkas Duo Poultry & Salmon Pâté
The finest grain-free wet food with succulent salmon & poultry
Happy Cat
Minkas Hairball Control Poultry
Balanced food for minimising hairballs
Happy Cat
Minkas Junior Care Poultry
Natural complete food with poultry for junior cats
Happy Cat
Minkas Kitten Care Poultry
Balanced kitten food for harmonious growth
Happy Cat
Minkas Perfect Care Poultry & Rice
Gluten-free dry food for food-sensitive cats 
Happy Cat
Minkas Perfect Mix Poultry, Fish & Lamb
Tasty kibble mix for optimal balance
Happy Cat
Minkas Sterilised Poultry
Tasty food to support the metabolism of neutered cats
Happy Cat
Minkas Urinary Care
The tasty recipe for Happy Cat Minkas Urinary Care supports the urinary tract