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Happy Cat Sensitive

The Happy Cat Sensitive range has been developed for sensitive cats with special needs. This is because a cat's organism can become unbalanced in the course of its life. With the help of Happy Cat Sensitive products, these aspects can be positively influenced - for example, in the case of skin and digestive sensitive cats or cats with a tendency to overweight.

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Happy Cat
Meat in Sauce - Care Skin & Coat
Grain-free, tasty wet food for a natural coat shine
Happy Cat
Meat in Sauce - Care Stomach & Intestine
Tasty, grain-free recipe soothes the stomach and intestines
Happy Cat
Sensitive Adult Light
Low-fat complete food for cats with slight overweight
Happy Cat
Sensitive Kidney Diet
Gentle diet to support kidney function
Happy Cat
Sensitive Skin & Coat
Ideal for skin & coat due to fine chicken and valuable oils
Happy Cat
Sensitive Stomach & Intestines
Very easy on the stomach and intestines with selected duck and rice
Happy Cat
Sensitive Urinary Control
Special feed to protect the urinary tract