Premium Cat Food Made in Germany
Product description

Balanced combination of nutrients for young cats

  • from 4 - 12 months of age
  • harmonious growth
  • grain-free recipe
  • also suitable for sterilised kittens

The combination of tasty duck and tender carrot provides a balanced base of nutrients for your young cat. The vitamin C supports the body's own defences. The grain-free recipe is gentle on your young cat and promotes its well-being. Happy Cat Junior Land Duck is the perfect food for growing cats.

Also ideal for feeding after neutering your kitten

Happy Cat Junior Land-Ende is suitable for neutered and unneutered cats from 4 months of age. As neutered kittens are still in the growth phase during this life cycle, there is no need to pay attention to the fat content as is the case with adult neuters. Ideally, the change in food should be slow and gentle on the stomach. Therefore, it is advisable to gradually mix the junior food with the dry food that has been fed up to now. This should be done over a period of eight to ten days, with the amount of junior food increasing from day to day and the amount of kitten food decreasing accordingly. After the changeover, the energy requirements of kittens are ideally met with our junior food.

The perfect start to a long cat life

Our dry food for kittens is based on the All in One Concept, just like our dry food for adult cats in the Culinary, Sterilised, Indoor, Sensitive and Senior product lines. The innovative formula naturally covers the most important needs of your young cat. By feeding Happy Cat Junior Country Duck (or Country Poultry), your cat's immune system is strengthened, digestion is regulated and their heart health and urinary tract are supported. This will lay the foundation for a long and healthy cat life.

Feeding recommendation
Age in months Amount of food (g/day)
for mid-size breeds
(up to 5 kg adult weight)
Amount of food (g/day) 
for large breeds
(6 - 8 kg adult weight)
4 65 95
5 70 100
6 70 105
7 75 110
8 - 9 75 110
10 - 12* 70 105

* Depending on the cat's preference (croquette size), it is possible to switch from Happy Cat Junior Land-Geflügel to a Happy Cat Adult product from the 12th month.


Potatoes*, animal protein*( poultry), oils and fats, duck protein* (8 %), meat meal, potato protein*, hydrolysed protein*, lignocellulose, beet pulp* (desugared), yeasts*, apple pomace* (0.4 %), sodium chloride, seaweed*, linseed (0.2 %), carrots* (0.2 %), chicory powder (0.14 % = 0.1 % inulin), yucca schidigera* (0.04 %), yeasts* (extract, 0.02 % = 0.0032 % mannan oligosaccharides)

*) dried

Analytical components

Crude protein 36.0 %, crude fat 18.5 %, crude fibre 3.0 %, crude ash 7.0 %, calcium 1.2 %, phosphorus 1.0 %, sodium 0.5 %, potassium 0.65 %, magnesium 0.1 %, omega 6 fatty acids 3.0 %, omega 3 fatty acids 0.3 %


vitamin A (3a672a) 15000 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 920 IU, vitamin E (3a700i) 110 mg, vitamin C (3a312) 25 mg, taurine (3a370) 1000 mg

Trace elements/kg:
iron (3b103) 55 mg, copper (3b405) 12 mg, zinc (3b603) 75 mg, manganese (3b502) 14 mg, iodine (3b202) 1.4 mg, selenium (3b801) 0.2 mg

Amino acids/kg:
DL-methionine (3c301) 4200 mg

Antioxidant, tocopherol-rich extracts from plant oils 1b306(i)

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