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Happy Cat Sensitive Kidney Diet

Gentle diet to support kidney function
Customised protein,</br> phosphorous and sodium content

Customised protein,
phosphorous and sodium content

Easily digestible

Easily digestible

Gentle on the kidneys

Gentle on the kidneys

For sensitive cats

For sensitive cats

Sensitive Kidney Diet

Dietary complete feed for cats for support of renal function in case of chronic renal insufficiency.

Happy Cat Kidney with its adapted protein and mineral content was specially developed to support kidney function. The balanced recipe with poultry and meat meal as protein sources along with valuable herbs is also well accepted by choosy cats.
This dietary food features:

  • 72 % animal protein (based on total protein
  • Wheat-free and gluten-free recipe
  • Adapted protein and mineral content
  • Increased dietary fibre content reduces stress on the kidneys
  • Suitable from 1 year
  • Enriched with birch and stinging nettle

Happy Cat Sensitive Kidney is especially suitable for feeding cats in the early stages of renal insufficiency. Please note that this diagnosis MUST be confirmed and explained by your vet.

What is renal insufficiency?

Renal insufficiency means that the kidney function is limited and the kidneys are no longer able to perform their full scope of their tasks. The kidneys keep the cat’s fluid and electrolyte levels in equilibrium. Their main task is to eliminate water, salts and metabolised waste products. They also help with blood cell production and can influence the blood pressure. The blood is filtered in the renal corpuscles and toxins are output via the tubules into the urine.  In the case of renal insufficiency, metabolic waste products are no longer eliminated from the body sufficiently. Substances that can no longer be transported out of the body with the urine then collect in the blood. It is therefore especially important to support and avoid additional stress on the renal metabolism by providing a suitable diet.

What can you do if your cat with renal insufficiency doesn’t want to eat?

Cats with kidney damage frequently feel nauseous and so are often reluctant to eat. You will need to schedule a little more time for changing the food from a normal food to Happy Cat Kidney in order to make food consumption as pleasant as possible.
The following tips may help with changing the food and feeding cats with kidney disease:

  • Choose the right bowl and dining area (e.g. wide, flat dish so that the whiskers remain free, quieter location)
  • Offer the food at body temperature
  • Identify stress factors and changes, and then eliminate or alleviate them
  • Clean your cat’s food bowl regularly
  • Check how you are storing the food
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