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Happy Cat Sensitive Adult Light

Low-fat complete food for cats with slight overweight
Reduced fat content

Reduced fat content

Easily digestible

Easily digestible



Sensitive Adult Light

Cat food for cats who tend to be overweight or need a light diet.

Happy Cat Sensitive Light dry food with valuable rosemary and milk thistle was developed by our nutrition experts for cats who tend to be overweight and to help cats maintain their physical condition. The satisfying high-fibre recipe contains just 9% fat. With its three kibble shapes, this composition of easy to digest poultry and delicate herbs brings greater pleasure and variety to the bowl and keeps your cat full of vitality.

Happy Cat Sensitive Light features:

  • 81 % animal protein (based on total protein)
  • Wheat-free and gluten-free recipe
  • Rich in dietary fibre for a long-lasting feeling of satiety
  • Just 9 % fat and thus lower in energy than other cat foods
  • High protein content 
  • Beneficial herbs: milk thistle & rosemary

 How can you tell whether your cat is overweight?

If you can barely feel your cat’s ribs and spine and the waist is difficult to see, then your cat is too well-padded. If you can feel a layer of fatty tissue on the rib cage, spine and base of the tail and your cat’s belly sags, then she is overweight. A dirty coat with dander on the back is another sign of excess weight since fat cats are often unable to wash every part of their body.
In addition to illness, excess weight is often the result of overfeeding. It is therefore advisable to always follow the recommended feeding instructions and to minimise the quantity of snacks given.

When should you feed a Light diet?

If your cat’s weight is less than 10 % above the ideal weight, vets describe this as slightly overweight. Happy Cat Sensitive Light is a good choice in this case. It is also good for cats who are very lethargic and so need a reduced-energy food, or if your cat has already been on a diet and you are looking for the right follow-on food. If your cat needs to take less exercise than usual for a short time due to an injury or operation, it is a good idea to feed Happy Cat Sensitive Light during this period to avoid weight gain.
If your feline friend’s weight is more than 10 % above the ideal weight, then you should change over to the medicinal cat food Happy Cat VET Adipositas.

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