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Happy Cat MIS Culinary Farm Poultry

Wet cat food with tender poultry


Support for the body's defenses

Support for the body's defenses

For neutered/</br> sterilised cats

For neutered/
sterilised cats

MIS Culinary Farm Poultry

Wet food for cats with selected poultry

Good wet cat food with a high meat ratio not only supplies your house cat with all the nutrients she needs for a species-appropriate diet, our Happy Cat Meat in Sauce Culinary Farm Poultry wet food variety also makes an important contribution to your cat’s fluid balance. The succulent poultry it contains also supports the body’s own immune defences.

The ingredients for our wet cat food with sauce also help to keep the digestive and urinary tracts, the heart and immune system and the skin and coat healthy. Thanks to our All in One concept, you do not need to give any nutritional supplements on top of the daily food ration since it already contains all the essential minerals and vitamins. It is excellent for feeding our neutered and sterilised feline friends.

What are the benefits of Meat in Sauce Culinary Farm Poultry?

  • High meat ratio
  • Easy to digest
  • Contributes to the fluid supply
  • Boosts the body’s own immune defences
  • Foil packs seal in freshness

How long can wet cat food be left standing?

How long wet food for cats will stay fresh uncovered in the bowl will depend on variables such as the atmospheric humidity in heated rooms or the temperature. So it is not possible to give one answer for all situations. One indication that your cat will probably reject any leftovers is the formation of dried patches on the surface. Always divide wet food into amounts that your cat will eat quickly, and serve the daily ration in several portions. This is easy to do with the 85 g foil pouches that we use to package our Happy Cat Meat in Sauce Culinary Farm Poultry and our many other delicious varieties of wet cat food. Once opened, you can store a pouch in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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