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Happy Cat Culinary Adult Farm Poultry

Delicate dry food for cats with tender poultry


Supports the joints

Supports the joints

Providing dental care

Providing dental care

Culinary Adult Farm Poultry

Give your cat exactly what she needs with Happy Cat Adult Land-Geflügel

We all want to give our feline friends a healthy and balanced diet. Because a good cat food should do more than simply fill your cat up and keep her healthy. Variety is the spice of life, so our Culinary product line offers a wide range of ingredients – from beef through to trout. Our Culinary Adult Land-Geflügel cat food, with its especially nutrient-rich recipe, has a unique flavour. This composition of tender poultry, fresh blueberries and juicy dandelion is loved even by choosy cats. The extra-large kibble not only provides more variety in the bowl; it also stimulates intensive chewing and thus promotes dental care.
Our high-quality dry food for cats consists of valuable animal proteins originating from high welfare farming. Every one of our Happy Cat products contains all-natural ingredients which are both healthy and taste delicious.

What are the benefits of our Happy Cat Culinary Land-Geflügel?

  • Promotes joint health
  • Flavour is loved even by choosy cats
  • Extra-large kibble encourages dental care

What does the extra-large kibble do?

The XL kibble in Happy Cat Land-Geflügel is intentionally that little bit bigger. Not only does it offer welcome variety in the food bowl, but it also makes your cat chew her food more intensively so she cannot gulp it down too quickly. As a result, the food digests better in the stomach. The kibble also stimulates the chewing muscles, which in turn promotes dental care.

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