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Happy Cat VET Diet Hypersensitivity dry

Medical Cat Food for Food Intolerance
Vet-recommended for</br> food intolerance

Vet-recommended for
food intolerance

Grain-free formulation

Grain-free formulation

Mono protein

Mono protein

VET Diet Hypersensitivity dry

Medical Cat Food for Food Intolerances

Happy Cat VET Diet Hypersensitivity is used in cases of food allergies or food intolerance. If a food intolerance is suspected, an elimination diet should be implemented immediately. In this diet, a single protein and a single carbohydrate should be fed to the pet. If the allergy symptoms improve while the cat is being fed the elimination diet, then it is likely that your cat has had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the previous food, or is intolerant to it.

Happy Cat VET Diet Hypersensitivity features the use of an exclusive protein source, quail, and an unusual carbohydrate source, Italian chestnut, together with potato, which is very well-tolerated. The grain-free formulation is very easy to digest and also tastes good.

Only available with veterinary recommendation.

Additional information:

  • It is recommended that you consult your vet before feeding this product, or stopping the diet.
  • For optimal results, the diet should be fed exclusively. Giving supplementary food should be discussed with your vet.
  • Recommended period of use: min. 3-8 weeks; can be used indefinitely if the allergy symptoms improve.
  • The feed quantity should be adjusted to suit the individual animal’s metabolism and may be reduced or increased as necessary.

Always make sure fresh water is available.

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