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Happy Cat Minkas Duo Poultry & Beef

Delicious pâté and morsels of beef in sauce
Balanced range of proteins

Balanced range of proteins

Especially tasty

Especially tasty

Minkas Duo Poultry & Beef

With poultry & beef. Additive-free.

If a cat food makes the cat happy, then the owner is happy. With the Happy Cat Minkas Duo menu you can offer your little tiger special culinary delights – pâté and morsels in sauce. Happy Cat Minkas Duo Wet Food always provides two varieties of meat or fish – for even more enjoyment.

With our Happy Cat Häppchen auf Paté, the cat first has the pleasure of licking up the fine pâté, before working their way through to the tasty pieces underneath. This is because, when you open the tray and put the food into the cat’s bowl, the little chunks in gravy are underneath, and the paté on top.

The food contains high-value beef and poultry and is therefore rich in proteins, as well as being very easy to digest. For our wet food range we also use the tried and tested Happy Cat herb mix (parsley, thyme, coriander and dill), to give your cat the best natural ingredients.

Happy Cat Wet Food is excellent for dainty eaters, but can also be fed in rotation with Happy Cat Dry Food – or as a little special delicacy now and then for your cat.

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Happy Cat Minkas Duo Häppchen auf Paté with Poultry & Beef

High-quality wet food for cats

Our wet food for cats with 2 types of meat or fish. After pouncing on their bowl, your cat can lick up the delicate mousse first, and then work their way through to the tender meaty morsels. Enjoyment guaranteed! If you have any questions about our cat food, our experts at the Service Team will be happy to help.

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