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Cat Advisor

We have long-standing experience with cats and have built up a lot of knowledge. We look forward to sharing this with you in our Cat Advisor.

The right amount of meat

Premium quality meat and valuable animal proteins are the most important constituents of a high-quality cat food. Find out more about the main component of cat food here.

Is dry food suitable for my cat?

Many cat owners wonder which is better for their feline friend: wet or dry food? Here you will learn more about this topic and the benefits that dry food has to offer.

The right diet from the start

Baby cats have high energy requirements. It is absolutely essential to ensure they are supplied with important vitamins and nutrients, especially in the growth phase. Find out more about the optimum kitten diet here.

Which proteins does a cat need?

Cats are by nature purely carnivorous and do not tolerate carbohydrates especially well. So animal proteins are essential for cats. Find out here what the proteins in cat food are all about.

How much water does a cat need?

A cat’s fluid requirement depends on a number of factors. The type of food, external temperatures and weight all play a role. We also suggest some tips for encouraging your cat to drink.

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Cat Advisor

Do you have one or more cats and want to know more about a species-appropriate diet for kittens and cats? Our Cat Advisor brings together lots of interesting information for you about feeding cats.

Pet food experts

Our nutrition experts work intensively on developing a healthy and species-appropriate diet for cats. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you about the right way to feed your cat.

Your cat’s health

For your cat to feel hale and hearty, she needs to be healthy. High-quality food that supplies your feline friend with all the important nutrients is the most important requirement in this.

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