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Manufacturing process

We manufacture our high-quality cat food from near-natural ingredients using an especially gentle process. The secret lies in the perfect recipe and in our Thermostufenmix®.

The preparation of Happy Cat dry food

Your cat loves eating dry food from Happy Cat. Perhaps you have wondered how we produce the tasty kibble? Here we explain step by step how we manufacture our kibble: from the natural ingredients through to the healthy dry food.

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We use meat from high welfare farms to prepare our cat food. This supplies high-grade animal protein which we cleverly combine with other vital nutrients. Delicate herbs, valuable oils, well tolerated carbohydrates and dietary fibre to promote digestion complete the Happy Cat dry food and supply your cat with all the vital ingredients she needs for healthy growth and a long life. The Thermostufenmix® allows us to process the ingredients especially gently. This is how our premium quality cat food varieties are produced here in Wehringen, Bavaria.



Natural raw ingredients from farmers in our home region of Bavaria

We confidently place rearing the livestock and cultivating the plant-based raw ingredients in the hands of our carefully selected agricultural partners. It is extremely important to us that our meat suppliers practise high welfare livestock farming. We also place great value on obtaining as many of our plant raw ingredients, such as carrots, beetroot or herbs, as possible from regional farms.


Short transport routes for more freshness

The majority of our ingredients come from the region around Augsburg. The short transport routes mean that we always receive fresh produce straight from the field. This helps us to protect the environment and support our local farmers.


Mill & mixer

Milling & mixing

All the raw ingredients for our cat food varieties are passed through vibrating screens and magnets to check for foreign bodies. So your feline friend only receives perfect food. The ingredients are then ground and mixed in a mill. This process takes around 4 minutes.



Gently prepared to retain vitamins and nutrients

The feed mixture is then gently pretreated and heated with steam for around one hour. In step two, the mixture is thoroughly kneaded at over 90 °C in the extruder pipe, and then shaped into kibble.

Drying & finishing

Carefully dried & seasoned with oil

The kibble is dried for 22 minutes at 125 °C. It then contains no more than 12 % moisture, which ensures a long shelf life. Finally the kibble is finished with high-quality oils and antioxidants and then cooled to ambient temperature.


Testing & packaging

Quality control: because only the best ends up in the bag

The kibble passes through a metal detector again because top quality is our number 1 priority. The finished kibble is then thoroughly tested in the laboratory. The kibble is not packed into bags of different sizes until we are totally sure that our premium cat food has been manufactured in the highest quality with natural ingredients and using the perfect recipe.

That is ‘Made in Germany’ quality.