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Thoroughly healthy feline happiness

Because only healthy cats are happy cats

Today a good cat food must do much more than fill your feline friend’s tummy. More importantly, the food must be tasty and healthy. This is why we have been developing and refining exquisite recipes for our healthy pet food for many years. And in doing this we pursue the following values:

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Our love of pets

We put lots of expertise into manufacturing our premium cat food so that all our feline friends can spend long, happy and healthy lives by our sides. We draw upon our long-standing experience and skill to create perfect recipes using with natural ingredients. These supply your cat with the basis for a happy life full of vitality. And her special needs are covered – naturally. So your little gourmet can be sure of eating the right food for a long and healthy life.

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Our connection to nature

We only use natural ingredients in our premium cat food. Up to 80% of these originate from our region around Augsburg. We source our meat and fish from animals from high welfare farms. We avoid artificial colours, flavours or preservatives on principle. We also make sure that our GMO-free pet food is not produced at the expense of the environment or animal welfare. Our nature-consciousness influences our daily actions and feeds sustainably into the Happy Cat products – in harmony with people and nature.

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Our passion for quality

Our Happy Cat products are based upon high-grade animal proteins, well tolerated carbohydrates, choice herbs and valuable oils – all of the top quality. Careful and gentle processing in the Thermostufenmix® retains all the vitamins and nutrients, resulting in a holistic cat food that covers all of your cat’s important health aspects. With this unique combination your cat is eating the very best.

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Our attachment to tradition

Our family-owned company, now in its eighth generation, has always produced food to the highest quality. Over 50 years ago, the field of business was extended. Since then, it has also been producing premium pet food here in Wehringen, Bavaria. You can always rely on this long-standing experience and the nutritional and physiological knowledge of our experts.

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Nutrition concept

Supplied holistically with valuable animal proteins & vital substances from nature.

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Special Formula

Active ingredients perfectly cover your cat’s five most important needs

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Manufacturing process

Using the perfect recipe, our pet food is manufactured in the Thermostufenmix®

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Social responsibility

We are committed to people, animals and the environment, and support social projects

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Discover the food world of Happy Cat

Happy Cat is perfectly tailored to all your feline friend’s requirements, and is available in many delicious varieties as a dry or wet food. Get to know our varied range of healthy cat food with a high meat ratio. For thoroughly healthy feline happiness: Open. Pour. Mmmmm.

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